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This is a gallery of some of the woodworking projects from our members. Each member's projects are contained in a slide show. Use the arrow buttons next to the images to see other items. Click on the images to get a closer view.

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Don Ames

  • A colonial spice cabinet made of walnut and finished with General Finishes polyurethane.
    It contains eleven drawers and a secret compartment.

  • The same spice cabinet with the door closed.

  • This tall jelly cabinet is made of cherry and finished with General Finishes polyurethane.

  • Another colonial spice cabinet made of walnut and finished with General Finishes polyurethane.

  • This sleigh was made for the Guild's 2013 Christmas Decoration Contest.
    It's made of pine and walnut with brass fittings.

Andy Borland

  • This is a box I made out of ambrosia maple with a mahogany top and bottom. I love watching the grain go around the box. This was a fun piece that I made in 2011.

  • This quilted top box was made in 2010 out of mahogany, walnut and maple. The photo could be better but the top gives a 3D appearance. This was really fun to make.

  • One of many bookcases that I have made. Each bookcase I make is made out of solid wood unlike what you would find in a furniture store today. This one is made out of solid oak, stained and finished with polyurethane.

  • This is a early checkerboard made out of walnut and maple. One of my real early projects but each one of my grandchildren have one.

  • This is one of about fifteen blanket chests that I have made and this one is made out of mahogany. I love the flaming grain in this chest. The handles are solid brass and were window pulls out of city hall in Richmond when they remodeled that building.

Harry Chavez

  • Billy and Doreen Custom scroll saw portrait 11" x 14" framed Gift for this newly married couple. Cut from 3/8" thick solid white oak.

  • Momma the Cat Custom intarsia portrait using all natural woods Exception - the gray colored wood is gray stained cherry 11" x 14" framed background is poplar, cut and painted for the rainbow bridge look Christmas gift for husband The footprint is from the actual footprint image after Momma's passing

  • Nyx the German Shepherd Custom painted segmentation portrait About 11" tall cut from solid 3/4" thick poplar Shaped and heightened for depth by Harry Painted by Terry (Harry's wife) glued together and placed on a 1/8" thick backer board with a wall hanger. Birthday gift to a mother from her son

Paul Dodson

  • Jesus of Nazareth

  • Ground Zero 9-11 (picture from Time Magazine)

  • Battlefield Cross

Jim Luck

These are some of the furniture pieces that I've built over the years.

  • This is a reproduction of the original mahogany sideboard made by Annapolis cabinetmaker, John Shaw, in 1798. The original is in the Baltimore Museum of Art. I taught myself marquetry and inlay by making this piece.

  • I made a pair of Baltimore style gaming tables from an article in Fine Woodworking. The mahogany tables feature over 500 pieces of hand cut inlay and stringing.

  • I started making two identical cellarets out of hand cut cherry. This is the first one and was used in colonial times to hold liquor and spirits. I made it from a photograph of an antique cellaret. It has a pull out shelf between the top "box" and drawer.

  • This is the second cellaret I started to make but quickly converted it to a silverchest at my wife's request. It features hand made felt lined dividers in the top and three pull out drawers in the center section for more storage and the same pull out shelf and drawer arrangement as the cellaret.

  • I made a pair of these walnut Hepplewhite style side tables modeled after the original - an old antique found in the Valley of Virginia.

Chris McDonald

  • Doll Chairs - Made with Quarter Sawed Sycamore and shop sawed and shop dyed veneer marquetry. They were made for Christmas presents for two aunts and my granddaughter.

  • Doll Beds - Made with Quarter Sawed Sycamore and shop sawed and shop dyed veneer marquetry. I have made 8 different ones with butterflies and cartoon characters. They were made for presents for my two Aunts who own and run a doll hospital and museum in Tiffin, Ohio. The cartoon beds were made for my 5-year old granddaughter.

  • Swivel Bar Stools - 10 of 22 Stools made with walnut and ash. Presents to my son and daughter. Eight were given to friends and four we use daily.

  • Stool/Seat/Rocking Bear - Made with Poplar and ebony Eye. A present for my 3 years- old grandson.

  • Quarter Sawed White Oak Exterior Doors - One of two made for a friend's house in North Carolina.

  • Myrtle Wood Coffee Table - I made this table thirty plus years ago. After two children, Legos, matchbox cars, etc. It needed refinishing. After refinishing was completed it was given to my son and his wife to enjoy for another 30 plus years.

  • Walnut, Sycamore, Hickory Jewelry Boxes trimmed with cherry, ebony, curly maple and mahogany. Made as Christmas Presents for my wife, daughter, daughter in-law and two aunts.

  • Walnut wine cork trays

  • Tic-Tac-Toe and Last Man Out Game Boards - A good way to use up my wood scraps. I have make seventy-five of each one over the past few years for the wood guilds Christmas toy workshop.

  • Red Oak Laundry Basket

  • Tilting Red Oak Waste Basket

  • One of two Ash Work Benches - They were made as birthday presents for my son and son-in-law. They are a copy of the work bench that my wife gave my after we first got married 39 years ago. They each weigh over 250 pounds.

  • Marquetry Couch Trays - Made for Christmas presents for my daughter and daughter-in-law.

  • White Ash Solid Wood Doors (2 of 18) - I replaced all the hollow wood doors in our Maryland house with these solid ash doors. The rails and stiles are lumber cored with 1/4 inch re-sawed veneer faces. The seventeen interior doors are 1-3/8" thick and the one exterior door to the garage is 1-3/4" thick. I also made all the trim and casing for the doors. Besides the doors I made and installed Oak window sills and casings, Oak crown molding. Oak chair rail, and Oak base boards for the whole house.

  • Scroll Saw Puzzles (50) - Made as place favors for Christmas Dinner and to friends as presents. This was a good way to use up scrap and non-furniture grade wood.

  • Red Elm Island and Stools

  • Red Oak Fireplace Surround

  • White Ash Kitchen Cabinets

  • White Ash Kitchen Cabinets

  • Walnut Chippendale Side Chairs

  • Quartersawn Sycamore Queene Ann Stool

  • Quartersawn Sycamore Queene Ann Dressing Table & Stool

John Morone

Here are twin desks I made for our twins. One Cherry for our son, and one Tiger Maple for our daughter.

Each desk is made from a single log. The drawers are dovetailed with french bottoms, dust panels, and turned knobs. The back of the desks are frame and panel. Just about every skill needed was new for me when I built these, from dovetails to making a drawer. It was also my first time working with tiger maple.

Just for fun, I included a current picture of the twins from this April.

  • Maple desk front view

  • Maple desk

  • Maple dovetails

  • Cherry desk

  • Cherry bookmatched top

  • Twins

Walton Rogers

Walton Rogers, Guild member since 1997.
W. Rogers & Associates
200 Westgate Circle
Suite 400
Annapolis MD 21401

  • I started building this Adirondack Guideboat on labor Day 2012 and finished it about Memorial day 2013. It was a fine winter project.

  • I put this quarter sawn white oak floor with the walnut borders and jatoba corners down in my family room about 2005. I milled most of the lumber and cut many of the tongue and groves.
    Click here for different closeup view

  • I built this Chestnut Cabin Door in 2012 for a cabin that was built with chestnut logs in about 1935. The cabin is near Franklin, NC. A porch and stairs have been added so that first step is not so dramatic.

  • The rocking chair is a Hal Taylor design and I built it in his shop with his jigs and help.

  • The Charlotte Table is my design and is one of a pair.

  • The Paul's table was a gift that had to be "portable" so it could be broken down easily. (The legs are hinged and the bottom stretcher locks the legs outward.)

  • Ann Walton's mirror was one of 4 and is made with curly longleaf pine harvested in 1910.

Jerry Rosenberger

  • Bocote, sycamore, rosewood, and maple were used in this plant stand that contains 248 separate pieces glued together.

  • Tigerwood (Goncalo Alves), koa, and maple, were used in this chess table with raised board squares.

  • This large armoire (liquor cabinet) of Asian lines employs doors of "rose of the mountain", a rare South American hardwood.

  • These spalted beech turnings were from a tree that fell in the woods behind my house.

  • This box of teak, bocote, and koa is made entirely of wood, even the hinges and latch.

  • Under AWG sponsorship, I gave a short demonstration/show at the Renwick Gallery in 2004.

  • The aprons on this snakewood plant stand present a yin-yang symbol of rosewood and maple.

Dave Tate

Here's a collection of some of the woodworking I've done over the years ...

  • A jewelry box for my Mom, made of maple and walnut. There's a carousel for hanging necklaces on the left (with a mirror in the back) and six drawers on the right.

  • This intarsia piece is made from rough cut cedar and pine, finished with washed acryllic colors.

  • My Outstanding Service Award from the Annapolis Woodworkers Guild (Feb 2014).

String of Pearls project

The Guild was asked to help with a project called Pearls of the Chesapeake. What was needed was a display cabinet to honor those individuals who had pledged land in the Chesapeake watershed to not be developed and to provide a buffer to help minimize pollution. The map, made by NASA depicts the watershed and ranges from upstate NY to below Richmond VA. In the display case below the map will be documents and a book listing landowners who have pledged property to support the Chesapeake Watershed. Construction of the cabinet required about 70 hours to complete by Don Ames, Paul Dodson and Jim Luck. The work was done in Don's shop and it will be dedicated during the Chesapeake Waterfowl Show in Easton MD in November. The base is panel and frame construction and the top and upper frame are solid walnut with UV resistant plexiglass windows. It uses about 40 board of rough sawn walnut that was donated by Jim Luck.

  • The NASA satellite view of the Chesapeake watershed. The walnut frame measures about 3' x 4'.

  • Don Ames in his shop with the Pearls of the Chesapeake display case.

  • The Pearls of the Chesapeke display case measures about 7' x 4'.

2018 Woodworking Show

The Guild always has a booth at the Woodworking Show in Baltimore, which is usually held the first weekend in January. These photos are from the 2018 show.

MD Dept. of Veterans Affairs

AWG has received an Official Citation from the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs expressing their appreciation for the donation of flag cases to hold the memorial flags awarded to families of service members killed in action. Rick Hodgdon led the team that also included Bill Carbin, Don Ames, and Vince Antonioli. They have done an impressive job of performing another community service for the Guild.

Members - If you would like your work added to the Gallery, please send pictures along with captions for each picture to

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