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Guild Member's Woodworking Stars in the Movies

Most members of the Annapolis Woodworkers Guild aren't interested in being in the movies, but if their woodworking is, that's something to brag about! George and Brenda Davis can claim just such an honor. Filmmaker Nathan Colby asked the Guild for help in creating a pair of hand crafted wooden glasses that are the storyline behind his upcoming film Gepetto's Glasses: Breath.


Gepetto's toy-like magical glasses

One day, elderly bookstore owner Maurice and his young Midshipman friend George come across a pair of toy-like glasses in the shop's lost and found box. To their amazement, these glasses allow the wearer to see everyone's spiritual breath. As the story unfolds, you watch how these two very different men are changed by what they see.


Historic downtown Annapolis is the setting for the film, and the Annapolis Bookstore on Maryland Avenue is the grand stage for the story. Many of the scenes in the movie, and even the bookstore itself, will be familiar to many Guild members. Don't ask to talk to Maurice or look for George though. They're just actors in the story, not the real owner, and George isn't really a Midshipman. But it's fun to visit the shop and image yourself in the movie!


George holding Gepetto's glasses

George holding Gepetto's glasses.

George Davis (the woodworker, not the midshipman) came up with the design for the magical glasses, and made them from Honduran rosewood, giving them a Polycrylic finish to bring out the color of the wood. The project took about 25 hours. George's wife, Brenda, started the process when she responded to the filmmaker's request to the Guild for help creating a pair of rustic, natural, and unrefined glasses. George's design not only matches the writer's concept perfectly, it also shows off George's excellent workmanship.


Congratulations, George and Brenda, on a job well done!


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Posted on 10/7/2013 by David Tate

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