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The Toy Workshops

By Andy Borland

The Annapolis Woodworkers Guild has encouraged us to become involved in some sort of small group work. Some of us have chosen to make toys for fun and for charity. We have made toys for Sarah's House for 20 plus years. Now we make toys for many more charities as well. Some of those charities include the Cisco House, SPAN (Severna Park Area Neighborhoods), Backpack Buddy Programs, Hope House in Baltimore and Hurricane Sandy Relief. We will include other charities this year as well. Jim Francis, our president in 2011, really wanted us to get involved by working in small groups. Paul Dodson has continued to encourage us to stay involved. Some of us work well individually and some of us work toward that goal in small groups where we share our talents with each other.

One of those groups meets at Andy Borland's house on a weekly basis and has made numerous toys for the above charities. The members of that group are Don Ames, Paul Dodson, Bill Carbin, Andy Borland, Jim Jordan and Barry Frankel. They have made airplanes, cars, pickup trucks, pencil boxes, tractor trailers, puzzles, regular boxes, and doll beds. They have been assisted by some fabulous women throughout our area who have made quilts and mattresses for the doll beds. Dolls have been secured from yard sales and donations. The people involved have developed a loyalty and dedication to the projects and to each other.

Other people contributing to the joy of Christmas are Jack Hirrlinger, Chris McDonald, Lloyd Gleason and a wonderful Santa Claus.

A huge thank you to the men and women who have donated their time, talents, and money to create joy for the less fortunate children during the holiday season.

Here are some picture of the toy workshop people and projects. Click on the image to see a larger version.

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