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AWG Training Award Program

Twice a year the Guild has a special raffle to select a winner of our $500 Training Award, to be used for woodworking education purposes. The winner of this award can use it at any recognized woodworking training facility, but the money can only be applied to tuition costs. It cannot be used for tool purchases, airfare, food, or lodging. The recipient has one year from the date of the award to spend it.

A recipient will be randomly selected at the May membership meeting and at the annual Christmas dinner in December. Entry is free. Entries for the May drawing will be collected at the April membership meeting, and entries for the December drawing will be collected at the November meeting. The winner does not need to be present to win. The award cannot be sold or transfered. Payment will be made directly to the training facility. If tuition costs are less than the $500 maximum, the remaining funds will not be awarded, but returned to the Guild treasury.

After completion of the winner's training, he or she is required to make a presentation at a General Membership meeting describing the training that they received.


May 2017 - Art Mensch

December 2016 - Karl Hoke

July 2016 - Mike Mantich

December 2015 - Fred Goldstein

May 2015 - Jim Church

December 2014 - Richard Elery

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